Reliure & assemblage

Choose the type of binding according to your needs:

There are 3 types of binding:
CombBind Binding : very popular plastic spirals available in a wide range of colors
WireBind Binding : Metal spirals with 34 elegant loops sturdy and durable
StripBind Binding : in particular the Surebind, secure binding with combs with 10 pins, the option
official professional for the permanent binding of classified documents.
ThermaBind Binding : turn loose sheets into perfect folders in seconds
The use of pre-glued and pre-folded covers makes it possible to produce professional files,
secure and elegant, looking like a book.
The choice of machines, of course, depends on the frequency of use: occasional, moderate and
ImpressiBind Binding : Durable fixing with a pressure system on a metal gutter.