SARL Office Line was created in 1993. It is an import and distribution company for office automation, technical and computer support items. We market more than 7,000 products through the biggest European and American brands, exclusively in Algeria.

Le nombre de ses employés est de 75. Notre mission est d’être toujours à l'écoute et à la disposition de la clientèle Nos marques….des garanties de qualité !

TRODAT, an Austrian company with an international vocation, it offers a complete solution in terms of stamps and marking.

TROTEC, Austrian companies specialized in the manufacture of laser engraving and cutting machines for the treatment of different materials.

A German company and world No.1 in foliators and electronic markers ​

NOBO, American specialist in visual communication.​

REXEL, renowned American specialist in the cutting and destruction of documents.

IBICO/IBC, Very well known for its calculating and counting machines.

ROLAND DG, Japanese specialist in the world of image, engraving and 3D modeling.

POLI-TAPE, German specialist, world market leader in the field of textile transfer, digital printing media, laminating films and adhesive tapes.

Spanish company producing accessories and products for digital printing.

Californian firm renowned for its line of super luxury luggage.

Accessories and equipment for projection and video conferencing.​

Spanish manufacturer specialized in writing and marking.​

Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co. KG, or simply Leitz, is a German manufacturer of office products.

THERMOFLAN, French specialist in marking technologies for over 50 years.

GBC, American specialist in binding and lamination.​

SENTRY SAFE, American and world leader in safes.​


NOVUS, German specialist in stapling and hole-punching.​

AIDATA, specialist in computer accessories.​

X.ONE, Equipment and consumables for shaping, printing and transfer.​

Stylos uniques avec tampon intégré


Spécialiste dans la production de meubles pour magasins et exposition

Master Lock.

Almost all of our products are covered by a guarantee ranging from one to 10 years and this is valid even for small supplies (markers, stamps, staplers, ink, etc.)
Our large network of distributors varies between:
• Stationery
• Office specialists
• IT resellers
• Audio-visual resellers
• Office supplies
• Distance Selling
• Engravings and production of stamps
• Communication box

Office supply

Office & Administration
  • Visual communication (NOBO – X.One – 2*3)
  • document shredder ( REXEL – LEITZ  )
  • Safes, Cash Boxes, Key Boxes (SentrySafe – ExecutiveSafe)
  • Stamps, foliotors ( TRODAT – REINER )
  • Writing and marking (MOLIN – STAEDLER)
  • Luggage storage ( KENSINGTON – LEITZ )
  • Calculating machine (IBICO – IBC)
  • Labeling, computer printing support (X.One)
  • Office furniture, chair, showcase and shelving column, Lamps and air purifiers ( ITALVERTINE – AIDATA – Kesta Somomar )


Workshop & Office
  • Binding & Collating ( GBC – LEITZ )
  • Lamination & identification (GBC)
  • Cisaille & Découpage ( X.One – REXEL  )
  • Stapling & Perforating ( REXEL – NOVUS )
  • Tooling (RAPID – NOVUS)


Communication box, Printer & Engraver
  • Engraving (TROTEC – ROLAND)
  • Buffers ( TROTEC – THERMOFLAN )
  • Printing & Cutting (ROLAND)
  • Signage (ROLAND)
  • Accessories & Consumables (POLI-TAPE – PLAST GROMMET)
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