Trotec Rayjet 50 laser engraver

  • Work surface: 457 x 305mm
  • Machine size: 726 x 412 x 680 mm
  • Laser power: 30 watts
  • Type of Laser: CO2 laser

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The Rayjet is a desktop laser engraver with a CO2 laser source2 powerful. It allows you to engrave, mark and cut a multitude of materials with the same machine. You can find more technical information about the Rayjet laser engraving machine here.

Create more Less effort, more profit

Start engraving and cutting immediately with the Rayjet laser, thanks to the intuitive software and user-friendly system. Earn more profit by realizing your creative ideas, due to the almost endless number of applications.

  • Easy to Generate Business with: Endless Apps
  • Easy installation: calibrated and ready to use! Just plug and ray
  • Intuitive software
  • Minimal maintenance: no wear parts, RayPack technology, no special tools needed

Easy to use laser software

By using Rayjet® Manager, texts and images are sent directly from the usual graphics package to the Rayjet laser engraver, so you will not need to learn how to use any new software. It's as simple as a print. Only select the material type and thickness from the provided database and then send it to the laser machine. Rayjet® Manager works like a printer driver.
Rayjet® Manager supports all standard graphics programs, such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino, InkScape or AutoCAD.
Our "one-click install" means you can be up and running in minutes (shortest time from unboxing to profit).

Austrian engineering and quality standards

The Rayjet laser engraver is proudly developed at Trotec. We adhere to rigorous European production procedures and manufacturing standards, so you can be assured of the highest quality product possible. The Rayjet is equipped with top quality components, which means less downtime due to non-operation and more uptime for your business.

Highest safety standards

Every laser operator is safe when using our machines. This is our safety standard: double locking system, safety cut-out switch and CE certified in accordance with current regulations, directives and harmonized standards including EN ISO 12100 Machine Safety, EN 60204-1 Machine Safety and electrical equipment, EN 60825-1/2007, EN 60825-4/2006, EN 60825-14/2006 relating to the safety of laser equipment, EN 55022/2008, EN 55024/2003 relating to compatibility electromagnetic.

Worldwide service and training network

With over 60 locations operated by Trotec in 17 countries, and a distributor network of over 110 partner companies worldwide, Trotec has the largest service network in the industry. Support is literally around the corner.

Materials that can be processed

Cut Engrave
Promotional items Ο Ο
Wood Ο Ο
Leather Ο Ο
Metal Ο
Paper Ο Ο
Plastics Ο Ο
Signaling Ο Ο
Buffers Ο Ο
textiles Ο Ο
Trophy Ο
Glass Ο

Technical specifications

Rayjet 50
Work surface 457 x 305 mm
Laser power 30 Watts
Type of laser CO2 laser
Max room height 145 mm
Dimensions from 726 x 412 x 680 mm
Weight from approx. 50 kg
Technical requirements PC, electrical connection 110-240V