Trotec Speedy 400 Co2 laser engraving machine

  • Type of laser : CO2
  • Laser power : 60 – 120 W
  • Work surface : 1016 x 610 mm
  • Maximum room height : 305 mm.
  • Maximum burning speed : 4,3 m/s
  • Weight : 310 kg

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Une nouvelle dimension dans le traitement laser

The Speedy 400 is the new dimension in laser processing.

You benefit from maximum ease of use, remarkable flexibility and maximum profitability. At the same time, the Speedy 400 convinces with its high productivity.

The Speedy 400 is designed without a front bar, thus facilitating ergonomic access to the workspace. Loading and unloading even large pieces becomes child's play, increasing user comfort. The Speedy 400 is available with a CO2, Fiber or both laser source in a single laser system.

Speedy 400-40 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-50 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-60 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-60 Watt, water cooled
Speedy 400-70 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-80 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-80 Watt, water cooled
Speedy 400-90 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-100 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-100 Watt, water cooled
Speedy 400-100 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-120 watts, air-cooled
Speedy 400-120 Watt, water cooled

The package contains:

  • laser equipment
  • Autofocus with sensor
  • Pneumatic assistance (without pump)
  • Laser indicator
  • Table de travail (facultatif)
  • Rolling table
  • USB interface
  • 2.0" lens 
  • Refroidisseur d’eau (si nécessaire)
  • 2 years warranty


  • Installation and training for operators – free
  • Installation and training for operators – free
  • Spare parts and consumables are provided throughout the operation of the laser system
  • The manufacturer Trotec is ISO certified: 9001 – Quality management, 14001 – Environmental management, 18001 – Safety and health management, 50001 – Energy management
  • We offer service and maintenance during the warranty period and after the warranty period

Time and costs for cutting materials to a certain size can now be saved with the Trotec Speedy 400, and the work phase can be optimized. In addition, the Speedy 400 laser machine is very easy to use, economical and flexible. The loading function has been greatly improved and appreciated by users, so that the Speedy range has reached new heights.

Overall Dimensions (Height x Length x Width) : 1408 x 960 x 1069 mm.

Engraving materials : acrylic, anodized aluminum, glass, laminated products, leather, paper, plastic, stone, wood.

Cutting materials : acrylic, textiles, laminates, leather, paper, plastic, wood.

Optional :

  • Rotation system
  • Atmos Exhaust Systems (protects and cleans the laser)
  • Job Control Vision (precision software)
  • Laser power upgrade

Trotec Speedy 400 laser engraving equipment

As the volume of services and the quality demanded in the advertising production market are constantly increasing, efficient, fast and qualitative systems are necessary to provide optimal results and obvious profitability.

The laser is the perfect equipment for most materials (plastic, textile, paper, etc.) and there is no need to bother with cleaning or sharpening components.

Speedy 400 is the optimal choice for you, whether you are looking for marketing production or want to reduce business operating costs and generate higher profits. Speedy 400 is one of the best high-level investments for companies operating in advertising production.

Trotec laser systems will increase productivity, product quality and profits. Practically, with the help of the laser, you can make any design, whether mass production or individual works, and you have the freedom to create inscriptions, logos, barcodes or serial numbers, etc.